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The New Normal In Recruitment: How Companies Can Leverage AI in Hiring

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More and more companies are integrating AI tools in their hiring processes to eliminate unconscious bias - one of the major roadblocks to a diverse and inclusive workforce culture. The irony, however, is that AI is not entirely immune to bias.

A case in point is Amazon’s hiring algorithm that showed alarming bias against women. The computer model used resumés submitted to the company over the past ten years. Since most of the applicants were men, the algorithm learned to favor men over women. The tech giant eventually decided to scrap its test recruiting program and said it remained committed to workplace diversity and equality.

Overcoming Bias

Tech companies are working to address these issues as AI continues to reshape the future of recruitment. But can AI really close the diversity gap and create a level playing field for everyone?

Truth is, AI can be a force for good when it comes to increasing the diversity of talent pools - as long as the tool is used correctly and responsibly. Here’s how companies can effectively maximize AI to overcome biases instead of perpetuating them.

Create Unbiased Machine Learning Algorithms

Companies must proactively see to it that the data they use represents everyone equally and that the hiring algorithms they deploy do not unlawfully discriminate against a particular group of people.

Take for example Catalyte’s unique tech talent identification analytics tool that focuses on aptitude instead of skills, credentials, or training. The breakthrough technology screens applicants using an algorithm that selects those with the natural ability and cognitive agility to become great software engineers. With this AI tool, Catalyte is able to expand its labor pool well and include talented workers who would otherwise get left behind.

Audit Hiring Algorithms For Bias

Hiring algorithms that are fair and transparent will enable companies to hire a diverse pool of candidates and gain a competitive advantage through innovation. One way to achieve this is to conduct an impact assessment and audit of hiring algorithms.

Our AI audit services help businesses gain a deeper understanding of the basic AI ethics principles that must be followed when implementing AI. We empower companies to design hiring algorithms that will eliminate bias and prevent risk to business, build trust among stakeholders, and contribute value to society.

Upskill Employees For Responsible AI

Everyone in the organization needs to understand what AI is and how it can be used for good. Through our Introduction to Responsible AI Courses, companies can train their employees to build AI literacy skills and uphold ethical AI commitments when designing, developing, and deploying AI-based systems.

Bridging the Diversity Gap Through Ethical AI

AI has a tremendous potential to transform the hiring process, but the technology alone will not close the diversity gap. Amazon’s experience with AI-assisted hiring shows that a company-wide commitment to diversity and inclusion is what it takes to ensure that AI-based systems are trained to think inclusively.

When AI is audited regularly and used within a thoughtful context, it becomes a powerful tool that removes bias at the early stages of the hiring process and supports companies to make better and fairer hiring decisions.