So proud that our CEO & Co-Founder, Josephine Yam, will be giving a TEDx Talk on how to address biased algorithms!  Her talk "How To Right Algorithmic Wrongs" will discuss how we can address biased algorithms to ensure AI for Good! It’s happening on February 19, 2023, at the Toronto Metropolitan University’s TEDx Conference.

Being a woman, a person of color, and a Canadian immigrant, she had experienced firsthand the harmful impacts of biased algorithms based on gender, race, and ethnicity.  Her talk will discuss how we can address biased algorithms to ensure AI for Good.  

A huge shoutout to Josephine's amazing Skills4Good AI advisors, mentors, and friends who have taught her so much in this journey:  Maricelle Narciso, Andrea C. Martin, Heather Tulk, Pauline Couture, Susan McLennan, Terry L. Allen, David Chalmers, Leah Perry, and Lally Rementilla.

Super thanks also to these inspiring leaders who dismantle barriers so women entrepreneurs like Josephine can scale AI For Good: The Honourable Mary Ng, Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business, and Economic Development, and Sara Wilshaw, Chief Trade Commissioner of  Global Affairs Canada, Christine Nakamura of Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, John Zimmerman, Thomas Cumming, Safia Morsly-Fikai, David Smith, Andrew Keenan, and Stacy Ly of Trade Commissioner Service E., Catherine Beach of EDC, Vicki Saunders and Janaki Hadida of Coralus, Sandi Moilanen and Tanya Arnt of World Trade Center Denver, Stephanie Garnica and Vanessa Simsick of Denver Economic Development & Opportunity, Paulina Cameron of The Forum, Silvia Pencak of WBE Canada, Stephanie Fontaine of WEConnect International, and Marc Rotenberg, Merve Hickok, and Karine Caunes of Center for AI and Digital Policy from whom she learned about how AI interacts with fundamental rights and the rule of law.