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Skills4Good CEO nabs AI Ethics Master’s Degree

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Skills4Good AI is thrilled to report that Josephine Yam, its CEO & Co-Founder, recently obtained her Master of Arts degree in Philosophy specializing in AI Ethics at the University of Guelph. Her newly minted AI Ethics degree strategically complements her Master of Laws degree from the University of Calgary. Combining her AI law and AI ethics background, she is the instructor of the “Intro to AI and Human Rights” online course, which is part of the Skills4Good Responsible AI Program.

Josephine recently co-authored two peer-reviewed publications on the intersection of AI law, AI ethics and technology: "From Human Resources to Human Rights: Impact Assessments for Hiring Algorithms" with the Ethics and Information Technology journal and “Is There an App for That?: Ethical Issues in the Digital Mental Health Response to COVID-19" with the AJOB Neuroscience journal.

As an AI lawyer, AI ethicist and tech entrepreneur, Josephine leads Skills4Good AI in helping organizations achieve compliance, accountability & Responsible AI.

From the Skills4Good Board of Advisors and Team, warmest congratulations to Josephine for this stellar achievement!