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5 Tips for Marketers to Keep Up with Changing Privacy Rules

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Privacy compliance isn’t just important—it’s essential. From staying on top of privacy regulations to verifying customer opt-ins, maintaining privacy compliance is an ongoing task that can be daunting if not taken seriously. 


The good news? Doing your due diligence is crucial for avoiding costly fines and (even more importantly) keeping your customer’s trust intact. Don’t think of privacy compliance as a chore—consider it necessary for a successful commercial future. 


Here are five tips on how you can stay ahead of the data privacy game: 


1. Stay up to date with ever-evolving data privacy laws and regulations.


In our privacy-minded society, it’s essential to ensure you stay up to date with your data privacy compliance. In addition to the EU GDPR, four US states – California, Virginia, Colorado, and Utah – have privacy laws in place or coming into effect soon this 2023. As a marketer, you must become familiar with these privacy laws to protect your consumer’s data while avoiding fines and other punishments. These laws give consumers more control over their personal data and impose severe penalties for non-compliance. As a marketer, you need to know these privacy laws and how they affect your business.


2. Keep a close eye on your customer data. 


It’s never been more important to keep a close eye on your customer data - privacy and compliance are top of mind for any business, especially one processing sensitive information. This means regularly reviewing what data you have, how you’re collecting it, and whom you’re sharing it with. By staying on top of your data inventory you’ll be able to spot any potential issues and address them before they become a problem. 


3. Ask customer permission before collecting their personal data. 


This means asking customers to opt-in to data collection or targeted advertising rather than assuming they’re okay with it. Taking explicit consent before collecting or using customer data is the only way to show that privacy protection is taken seriously. It’s easy to make it straightforward for customers to opt in - ensure privacy policies are clear and transparent about any data use or third-party sharing. That way, you can demonstrate that privacy matters rather than a tick-box compliance exercise. 


4. Be honest about your data collection practices. 


Transparency and privacy are both crucial when it comes to customer data. People are smart and know that companies are collecting and using their data for various purposes. Let them know precisely what data they’re sharing, why it’s being collected, and how your company uses it. The more comfortable your customers feel, the easier it will be to build a trusting relationship with them. All of this should be outlined in your privacy policy which is easy for people to find on your website.  


5. Implement measures to keep your customer data safe.


Investing in robust privacy and security measures isn’t just an intelligent thing to do; it’s also often legally required. As companies become more reliant on customer data to personalize their services, they must bear the responsibility of protecting that data at all costs. Your customers will feel much more secure if they trust you’re making every effort to protect their data - ensuring privacy compliance is a significant step towards this trust. This includes using encryption, firewalls, and regular security updates. Customers will be more likely to trust you with their personal information if they know you’re taking steps to keep it safe. 


In the digital age, data privacy is a must for your businesses. Every bit of personal information has value, so it’s no surprise that more people are taking action to protect themselves from misuse or abuse.  


You can play your part, too, by staying informed about the latest trends in data protection and using best practices where possible. Not only will this keep you compliant with laws, but it will also gain trust within your customer base. When loyalty comes into play, you know your business is heading toward success!